Former Jail Chief Jericco Lessard Charged with Felony for Sharing Private Photos

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Written By Arnold Brown

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The state will be represented by two special attorneys in the case against Jericco Lessard, who used to be the administrator of the Henry County Jail.

On Monday, Lessard’s first court date, Lee County State’s Attorney Charles Boonstra and Lee County Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Brim went with him to the Henry County Circuit Court.

Lessard is charged with four counts of sending private sexual pictures to other people without their permission. He became the administrator of the Henry County jail in 2021.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office looked into Lessard early this year after hearing that he did something wrong while not on duty. People at work put Lessard on administrative leave on January 8, 2024. He quit on January 23, 2024, because the Illinois State Police were starting to look into him.

Judge James Colby read Lessard the four charges against him and the punishments during his trial.

It is said that Lessard shared pictures of two women whose names and birthdates are only given in court papers. Three counts say that on October 14, 2023, Lessard sent out pictures of one of the women. The charges say Lessard shared pictures without permission, and they showed “intimate parts.” Lessard is said to have shared pictures of a second woman on June 2, 2023.

Giving out private sexual pictures without permission is a Class 4 felony that can get you up to three years in prison, one year of supervision, and a $25,000 fine.

Lessard was his own lawyer, but the court will select a public defender for him. Lessard told the judge that he does not have a job right now and is taking care of a family.

The HCSO said in a press statement in February of this year that the department knew about claims of misconduct made by the jail administrator while the officer was not on duty. The HCSO started a probe within the organization and put Lessard on paid administrative leave. A news release from the time said that the case was then given to the ISP for an “independent and transparent investigation.” Lessard was charged in April.

On Monday, June 3, there will be a preliminary session.

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