Severe Weather Alert: Dangerous Travel Conditions in Chicago Area Counties

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Written By Arnold Brown

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A “significant weather alert” is in place for several counties in the Chicago area, making travel very dangerous ahead of what could be severe weather in the area.

Winds of up to 45 miles per hour can make it hard to drive in many western suburbs because they blow dust around. This is especially true near fields that were just plowed.

The alert is in place for McHenry, Kane, DeKalb, LaSalle, Grundy, and Kendall counties right now because blowing dust is causing big problems downstate.

The McLean County Sheriff’s Office says that Interstate 55 is closed near McLean. Traffic is being redirected at Route 136, and at Shirley Road, drivers can get back on the highway. Also, traffic going south will be shifted from Shirley Road, and will be able to get back on the highway at U.S. 51.

Officials say that both sides of Interstate 74 are also closed near Exit 152.

It is said that there is almost no visibility on some parts of those interstates because dust from farm areas is blowing across the roads and blocking people’s views.

Officials say that the high winds are also making it dangerous for high-profile vehicles to drive on north-south roads in the area.

If you are a driver stuck in a storm, you should stay off the road as much as possible, stop, turn off all of your lights, and set your emergency brakes.

It is also asked that drivers stay in their cars, don’t get out, and make sure their foot isn’t on the brake pedal so that their taillights don’t shine on other cars, making them think they are following the flow of traffic.

Central Illinois could still be hit by severe weather after the warning is over. On Tuesday night, there is a chance of gusty winds, hail, and even tornadoes.

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